Gay Patriot / Patriot Erectors – Touring 2019

Through Patriot Erectors, they put the community center stage to reveal and honor the value of their contributions.  – Lavender Magazine

Patriot Erectors examines the root of our disconnection to national identity. Deconstructing acts of nationalism from marching in the streets to singing of the National Anthem, Patriot Erectors explores both celebration and protest.  

Commissioned by the Dancing Queerly Festival premiered June 22 – 23 2018 at The Dance Complex, Boston MA.  Generous support provided by Fidelity Charitable / James K Spriggs Foundation.  Workshopped while in residency at the Center for Performing Arts, MN.

Touring 2019
May 2-4, 2019 The Southern Theater 
Commissioned by the Candy Box Festival
April Sellers Dance Collective will share the evening with Chris Schlichting, and Darrius Strong’s STRONGmovement
For more information on the Candy Box Dance Festival or to purchase tickets Click Here

May 10-12, 2019 Links Hall 
Presented by GRUNT Festival Chicago as part of Links Hall’s 40th anniversary season. April Sellers Dance Collective will share the evening with Sarah Weber-Gallo (New Jersey), Abilities Dance (Boston), Ashley Fargnoli (Chicago), and The Space Movement Project (Chicago)  For more information on Grunt Festival Chicago Click Here

Read about Gay Patriot in the January 2018 Issue of Dance Magazine Click Here