What started as an act of protest and resilience, has turned into a ten-year career for Sellers. She has been providing a platform for subversive voices to be seen and heard through her curatorial work. Rooted in a feminist perspective, Sellers looks for artists that question history and contribute to future definitions and evolutions of feminism and gender.

Sellers has curated performance and dance since 2006 with performances at The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN, Links Hall, Chicago, the Sculpture Garden, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis, Intermedia Arts Minneapolis and with Hennepin Theater Trust, Minneapolis.

As a curator at Links Hall in Chicago, Sellers created a three-year grassroots touring network focusing on queer performance. Building upon that success, she co-curated Radical Recess, a series that takes place in public spaces in downtown Minneapolis.

In 2017 with artists from Portland, Chicago, Detroit and New Jersey, Sellers launched GRUNT (Grass Roots US National Tour), a network designed to support artists who are emerging in their touring experience. https://grunt.dance/