Animal Corridor (In Progress), 2016

It’s wonderful that you have pulled something out of me your audience. The primal scream was more than cathartic; it unleashed things I had been living with. —Audience Member Tofte Lake Center Residency

The Animal Corridor is inspired by female icons Janis Joplin, prize fighter Ronda Rousey; and T.V. sportscasters. This darkly humorous, post-apocalyptic world is devised to smash open expectations as we move towards a new gender utopia.

Commissioned by The Right Here Showcase and will premier April 28 – 30 2017 at JSB TekBox. Generous support provided by the Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, Fidelity Charitable / James K Spriggs Foundation, Purdue University. Workshopped while in residency at the Tofte Lake Center, MN, and Purdue University.