Animal Corridor, 2017

It’s wonderful that you have pulled something out of me your audience. The primal scream was more than cathartic; it unleashed things I had been living with. —Audience Member Tofte Lake Center Residency

The Animal Corridor is inspired by female icons Janis Joplin, prize fighter Ronda Rousey; and T.V. sportscasters. This darkly humorous, post-apocalyptic world is devised to smash open expectations as we move towards a new gender utopia.

Commissioned by The Right Here Showcase premiered April 28 – 30 2017 at JSB TekBox Minneapolis MN.  Generous support provided by the Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, Fidelity Charitable / James K Spriggs Foundation, Purdue University. Workshopped while in residency at the Tofte Lake Center, MN, and Purdue University.

Touring 2018 via the GRUNT network March 18th Chicago ASDC and The Space Movement Project at VOLTA Performing ARTS, March 21st – 22nd Detroit ASDC, Kristi Faulkner Dance, and AJ Sims at Jam Handy, March 24th – 25th Boston ASDC at Green Streets Studios.